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Things to know about the Brawl Stars game

Video Game Videos are often unprofessional short sections of a PC players or Console gamer’s adventures. Generally the videos will have heavy metal, rap, or any random tune to accompany the action as the player frequently PWNS. Lots of people who play mom, Brawl Stars Hack can link to a person messing up a raid or can empathize with the situation which turned into the video into an iconic immediate classic. This is mostly found in games of Pap (Player vs. Player) since people showcase their talents to the masses on the big screen. So what makes watching somebody else play Halo, World of Brawl stars, or the countless other video games out there enjoyable and addicting? The same reason people watch Lava Flab, I Love New York, Rock of Love, A shot at love with Talia Tequila, Real World, etc, the realism. These videos are raw, mostly uncensored, limited editing, and something most of us can relate to as humans as well as fellow gaming players. We mightn’t know what it feels like to receive seven head shots in a row and teabag everyone, but we can understand how awesome it must be at the moment.

Segments like the Popular King of Kong film on G4TV showed the genuine competition of Billy Mitchell and Steve Weber as they confronted trying to best one every score in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. Other videos like the Leroy Jenkins. Video depicted a character by the name of Leroy Jenkins shouting his name prior to training his entire raid group in Brawl stars. Even scenarios over VOIP hosting like Ventral or Team speak have turned into the most absurd arguments into YouTube celebrity. Normally these headset to headset conversations comprise as many racial slurs, hate speech, and porn to create even the most hardened criminal take note. Video games bring out the best and worst of people; it makes for good TV.

The competitive juices start flowing along with the built-up frustration that makes for amazingly painful audio/video. A fantastic example is the video Onyxes Wipe in which the raid leader is being documented over Ventral without his knowledge. A guild mate ends up getting to the whelps and all hell breaks loose; the infamous cry of that’s minus 50 DKP has brought many people to tears laughing while comprehending how sick of a minute it was. Situations of massive online games makes the situation even more critical as real life gamers associate greatly with their virtual characters and cases of sheer joy and absolute catastrophe are a thin line away. It is walking the proverbial virtual thin rope with thousands of other viewers and participants.

Nothing says I’m important like beating someone in a video game. People may attempt to mention the cliche phrase of “It’s only a game” but in fact the consequences hold more weight than the participants are prepared to admit. Grown people do not scream frantically over a nicely cooked turkey dinner, or even parallel parking, but our animal advocates are exposed in their center during virtual combat. Shooting someone in a video game makes you better than another person, even when you sweep dirt for a living and the other individual is a high paid attorney. The game puts you on equal footing and unleashes competition which rivals any time “real” sport out there. The terrific thing is video games do not leave you physically damaged like real life sports but still invoke all of the male posturing, empty threats, swearing, and racial slurs we have all experienced over our headsets whether on a Console or PC.

The narcissist in us all desires to be better at something than another man, when you catch that moment on video it immortalizes your superiority in a really real, raw, and growing media. Amateur game videos have been around since the birth of Pong, with an enormous explosion in PC related gaming films thanks to programs like Fraps and other display recording technologies that enable you to play PC games with little to no influence on functionality. As it becomes easier to record activities in your TV for console play, the barrier to self produce your own game videos will become null and void. Just as everybody know has a web cam to voice their head, everyone who plays video games will be uploading their virtual struggles, meltdowns, and feats of heroic proportion, or just some random bum playing Tetris.

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