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Quantum physics and mental Radionics

In my previous past quantum physics as well as mental Radionics I explained thoroughly the functions of the Quantum Ocean as well as mental Radionics. They are presents offered to us by the Age of Aquarius. We have just entered the Age of Aquarius, and also have about 1950 years to go before we enter the age of Capricorn. We are power beings. Most of us are not solid physical bodies. We are several energy areas physical, mental, emotional, and also spiritual held with each other by our aura panty hose which borders us. In the quantum ocean mind of god there exists and archetype or plan of a human. This is the cookie cutter that our soul uses to create a physical body when it ‘blinks out’ of the quantum ocean. An all new soul, so to speak, or a soul that is experiencing its initial physical version would ‘blink out’ and also produce a perfectly healthy and balanced body.

Radionics machine

However alas, a lot of us are older souls as well as we have accumulated down via the ages of our versions May non divine energies which have affixed themselves to our souls. So when we ‘blink out’ into one more version our soul needs to make use of a physical plan that has pre existing power clogs and form a body that is much less god like. These power clogs are exactly what triggers ailment and dies eases in the physical body. If one were to incarnate into the divine blueprint for a flawlessly healthy and balanced body, and lived properly, by making certain that there is an enough circulation of life force energy to the physical body as well as all its organs and also cells, one would certainly reside in best wellness as well as function, to possibly a ripe seniority of 144 + years.

But we have actually been programmed with erroneous suggestions regarding health and wellness as well as living. We live among countless individuals who support these erroneous concepts. We have in the past sabotaged our health and wellness with our negative attitude, dramatizing and acting. But the bright side is currently with the laws of quantum physics and also the science of mental Radionics, we can get back on track. Let us start with the most basic of wellness excursuses, making use of mental Radionics with LPOG 2400 HD. The quantum ocean reacts to our thoughts, our photos and the use of our symbols. The science of Radionics tells us we require three points to practice magic at a range: a power sauce, an intention, dream or need, thought, image or sign, and a target. Your mind is the easiest, however extremely powerful, Radionics device. Let’s start our journey back to better wellness. No person understands the time element. Execute this little mental Radionics healing exercise at least two times a day, morning and night.


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