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Automation of robotic processes to increase productivity

Day by day people are becoming dependent on robots. The automation of robots, robot will be able to perform various tasks very effectively. Click here for robotic process automation.

What is the Automation of Robotic Processes?

The Automation of Robotic Processes or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a tool that is distinguished from traditional IT automation, precisely by the use of robots based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).   With the RPA, the robots are able to adapt to the changes in the system autonomously from the learning of the machine. It analyzes the most common commands indicated by the programmer and learns what he is doing to anticipate human actions on future occasions, interpreting specific processes, manipulating data and initiating new actions.   In systems that use RPA, the machines perform repetitive, operational and low-importance tasks, freeing specialized labor to act more strategically in activities that require exclusively human skills, such as judgments, feelings, and reason. Visit this site for mobile capture hk.

robotic process automation

Cases that explain the success of RPA  

-ANZ Banking Group, of Australia, had difficulties with transaction processes in peak seasons. Hired and trained labor to work for a certain period and then dismissed it for not being able to absorb expenses of that personnel, generating high operational costs. It was when he decided to include 200 robots in the first three months of automation, distributing human capital for more strategic processes.   The result was 40% cost savings in operations and a significant reduction in response time for the end customer. In the area of payments, for example, 2 officials carried out the work that previously 40 did.

– Another success story with the use of RPA is Volvo, a vehicle manufacturer in Sweden, which included robots in its supplier billing systems.

– An example of a retail company, which uses RPA is the Shop Direct Group, a company that acts online and represents multi-brand in the United Kingdom.

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